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Serum/Plasma Services

BioChemed offers full customization services for serum and plasma

Custom Services

Please contact our office to provide us with the specifics of your order.

Customers appreciate our customization services. For instance, we can have blood drawn under your specific protocols, store the samples in your own tubes, and then have them sent back to you. Here are some of the custom services we offer:

  • Custom packaging
  • Expanded custom process capabilities
  • Custom collections for blood and tissue products

Standard Services

Charcoal Stripped Plasma
Plasma processed with activated charcoal for global removal of free, low molecular weight hormones. Protein bound hormones are generally not removed by charcoal stripping and can present a problem in some assays.

Charcoal Stripped Serum
Serum processed with activated charcoal for global removal of hormones.

Defibrinated/Delipidized Charcoal Stripped Serum
Plasma converted to serum, with subsequent removal of lipids. It is then processed with activated charcoal for global free hormone removal.

Delipidized Plasma/Serum
Either serum or plasma can be processed to remove endogenous lipids. This helps clarify the serum and reduces turbidity with freeze/thaw cycles. Please note that either delipped product may not behave as a true serum or plasma.

Serum or plasma that is actively dialyzed against buffered solutions for analyte removal and/or addition of certain electrolytes.

Immunoglabulin Depleted
(Universally Depleted)
Processed for total immunglobulin removal.

Thoroughly homogenized tissues are reduced to small particles of uniform size and consistency for various research purposes.

Products (e.g., blood plasma) are freeze-dried without destroying their physical structure. The process includes freezing the substance, then warming it in a vacuum so that the ice sublimes.

Sterile Filtration
Product is processed through a 0.22 micron absolute filtration scheme for removal of bioburden.

Ultrafiltration Plasma/Serum
Serum or plasma processed for protein removal of certain molecular sizes. This optimizes serum or plasma for protein binding studies.