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Animal Products

We offer animal blood, animal plasma, animal serum and animal tissues from a wide range of species.

We offer animal blood, animal plasma, animal serum and animal tissues from a wide range of species.

Animal products, including fetal bovine serum, are collected from barrier facilities and/or quarantined housing with veterinarian supervision. All facilities are located in the United States, USDA-inspected, and accompanied by a certificate of compliance. Animals are fed controlled organic diets. The use of medications is minimal which helps ensure that your biological matrix is blank.

Animal biologicals can be collected from larger animals that are antibiotic and anti-parasitic free, depending on the species and strain in question. Because of our extensive network of suppliers, we can also obtain biological products from different regions.

Bio-products obtained from smaller animals (such as rodents) are non-medicated/non-immunized from controlled colonies. Strain and gender should be specified if desired. Certain strains are available antibody- and virus-free. (NOTE: Additional charges, determined at time of ordering, may be incurred on particular strains of animals and gender-specific orders.)

We can also provide tissues from genetically modified and pregnant animals for specific study applications (e.g., cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and endocrine disease.)

Most animal bio-products are available sterile or non-sterile.

Custom collection is available. Additives, such as protease inhibitors or stabilizers, can be added for most collections. Please inquire about the feasibility for your applications.

Refer to the Services section for a listing of the specialized services and products we have available.

Custom packaging is available. Individual aliquots for specificity testing are available. Contact us for pricing and availability.