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We offer animal blood, animal plasma, animal serum and animal tissues from a wide range of species. Choose a product and animal below orĀ read more about our animal products.

Body Fluid
Ocular Tissue
Whole Blood

Our animal biologicals and tissues are collected in USDA-inspected facilities with one thing in mind-your complete satisfaction with the quality you expect, and the consistent performance you demand in your assays and applications.

The majority of our smaller animal species are housed in controlled environments and fed the same organic diets, reducing many potential variables in your assay results that could emanate from the blood and tissues.

Whole blood, plasma, and sera are obtained from healthy animals. Upon request, a specific gender, age, or strain of donor animal may be available. Animals may also be fasted upon request.

Custom collections are also available from most species. Send us your protocols and we will collect accordingly. All products will not have any additives or preservatives added unless requested.

Health certificates are available for certain species upon request.

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