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Human Products

Most human biological materials are collected in FDA licensed facilities or accredited laboratories where we have the capability of screening donors for the presence or exclusion of medications and foods. Individual donor bleeds can be collected based on age, race, sex, smoking history, medical conditions, drug free, caffeine free, diet and body habitus, to name a few criteria. Donations can be specified as pooled or individual.

Whole bloods and plasma are available in the commercially available anticoagulant of your choice and are available in any combination. All applicable FDA virologies are performed on each bleed that comprises the human blood products and are accompanied by a certificate of compliance.

A Product Data Sheet accompanies each order with a detailed product description, including viral status of each individual used in the production of your particular matrix. Other details can be included in the description upon request.

NOTE HIPAA & IRB: In accordance with recent legislation – including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – the investigator will have assurance that all biological matrices received from BioChemed Services are properly de-identified.

Upon request, BioChemed Services will partner with various clinical healthcare institutions to provide you with biological products having obtained informed consent and Internal Review Board (IRB) approval. BioChemed Services can arrange to have your biological matrices collected using your protocol.