Immuno-Spec Platinum (ISP)

Ultra-Low Hormones, Vitamins, and Steroids: Serum and Plasma

BioChemed Services is pleased to offer ULTRA-LOW ANALYTE human serum, plasma, urine, and saliva. We have partnered with a leading domestic contract manufacturer that specializes in producing reagents for the biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and reference lab industries. With ultra-low, zero analytes for ultrasensitive immunoassays, GCMS, and LCMS applications, our ISP product line provides the sensitivity and specificity needed for your applications.

Evaluation samples are also available upon request.

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Product NumberProduct Description
ISP1000Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Ultra-low Vitamin D, Lipid Free
ISP1001Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Vitamin D Free
ISP1500Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Vitamin A Free, Lipid Free
ISP1600Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Vitamin K Free, Lipid Free
ISP1700Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Vitamin E Free, Lipid Free
ISP1800Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Vitamin A, D, & E Free, Lipid Free
ISP1900Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Vitamin A, E, & K Free, Lipid Free
ISP1910Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Vitamin A, D, E, & K Free, Lipid Free
ISP2000Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Ultra-Low Vitamin D
ISP2600Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Vitamin K Free
ISP2700Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Vitamin E Free
ISP3000Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Ultra-Low Hormones & Steroids, Lipid Free
ISP3100Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Ultra-Low Testosterone, Lipid Free
ISP3200Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Toxicology Free, Lipid Free
ISP3400Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Catecholamine Free, Lipid Free
ISP4000Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Ultra-Low Hormones and Steroids
ISP5000Immuno-spec Platinum Human Urine
ISP5100Immuno-spec Platinum Human Urine
Catecholamine Free
ISP6000Immuno-spec Platinum Human Saliva
ISP7000Immuno-spec Platinum Human Plasma (EDTA)
Ultra-Low Hormones and Steroids
ISP8000Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Lipids and Fatty Acid Free
ISP9000Immuno-spec Platinum Human Serum
Methylmalonic Acid Free, Lipid Free

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