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Animal Tissue

Since 1996, BioChemed has been a leading supplier of animal tissue products to the pharmaceutical, CRO, biotechnology, diagnostics and analytical lab industries. All of our animal biological products are collected in the United States, using procedures to maintain superior quality. Contact us for pricing and availability. Custom collection and processing is available exactly to your specifications.

• Adult Bovine Tissue

• African Green Monkey Tissue

• Baboon Tissue

• Beagle Tissue

• Canine Tissue

• Chicken Tissue

• Chimpanzee Tissue

• Cynomolgus Monkey Tissue

• Equine Tissue

• Feline Tissue

• Ferret Tissue

• Goat Tissue

• Guinea Pig Tissue

• Hamster Tissue

• Mouse Tissue

• Rabbit Tissue

• Rat Tissue

• Rhesus Monkey Tissue

• Sheep Tissue

• Swine Tissue