Since our inception in May 1996, our focus has been to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective human and animal biological samples for research so your results will reflect our commitment to quality.

As the biopharma research industry has evolved, we developed a dynamic approach to fulfilling many “custom” orders that require special attention at the point-of-collection. We can customize most orders using YOUR protocols, including customizing accompanying paperwork that complies with your company’s internal QC requirements for each order.

About Us

BioChemed Services is an industry leader in providing the highest quality human and animal biologicals for the biopharmaceutical, CRO, biotechnology, and diagnostic industries. For over 20 years, we have been providing serum, plasma, tissues, bodily fluids, blood, cells, etc. from our collection facilities, ensuring the quality and performance consistency that your lab demands-and receives from BioChemed Services.

As medicine evolves into more precise and targeted treatments, so too must our products continue to strive to be of superior quality to allow our partners to produce superior outcomes for the patients undergoing treatment.

BioChemed Services continues to add new value added product lines to our repertoire of highly pedigreed products and services. New or expanded product lines include ocular tissues and fluids; a new product line of human serum and plasma products created in response to the sensitive demands of the mass spectrometry industry; and a growing network of clinics and labs to help satisfy the burgeoning need for disease-state tissues and blood.

You can order with confidence for timely delivery times, value-added products, great customer service, and the quality we have became known for. Our traceability and transparency are just two of our trademarks clients have come to rely upon.

“I’m always happy to see a request come through to order from BioChemed. I know that the process will be quick, accurate and hassle-free.”

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