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Animal Tissue: Canine Tissues

Canine Bones013-ATB
Canine Brain013-ATBR
Canine Cardiac013-ATC
Canine Colon013-ATCO
Canine Endocrine (specify organ)013-ATEN
Canine Epidermis/Dermis013-ATED
Canine Eye013-ATE
Canine Liver013-ATH
Canine Kidney013-ATK
Canine Large Intestines013-ATIL
Canine Small Intestines013-ATIS
Canine Lung013-ATL
Canine Lymph Node013-ATLN
Canine Mammary013-ATM
Canine Nerve013-ATN
Canine Pancreas013-ATP
Canine Reproductive Organs013-ATR
Canine Skeletal Muscle013-ATSM
Canine Skin013-ATS
Canine Spleen013-ATSP
Canine Thyroids013-ATT
Canine Vascular (Arteries, veins)013-ATV

To specify gender, include the letter M or F after the catalog number, preceded by a hyphen. Otherwise it will be “non-specific.”

M = Male
F = Female
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