Anniversary Sale

We are so appreciative of the support our clients have shown us for the past 25 years, we are offering the following CYNOMOLGUS OCULAR TISSUES at a 25% discount over their usual sale price.

Take advantage of these savings now! All tissues and fluids listed below are in stock, but quantities are limited, so get your high-quality tissues now, while supplies last.

Cynomolgus tissues in stock

Iris Ciliary Body (ICB) – 100 each
Lens –100 each
Bulbar Conjunctiva –100 each
Cornea –100 each
Sclera –100 each
Eyelids –16 each
Choroids –40 each
Optic Nerve –100 each

All animals used for the tissues listed above were each tested for the presence of Herpes B and all were found negative. To request a quote for these cynomolgus (and other) tissues, please click here.

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