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BioChemed Services has been a long-time business partner of Tennessee Blood Services Corporation. As we continue to partner with TBS, there will be some changes that you will notice. As of February 1, 2017, these changes include and are not limited to Tennessee Blood Services labels will now be on all blood products that are collected and shipped from TBS. We will still continue to provide the paperwork including the data sheets and the packing list. Below you will find some information about Tennessee Blood and can see why we choose them as our main blood product supplier. We appreciate your continued business with BioChemed Services as your supplier of quality blood products.

Tennessee Blood Services Corporation (TBS):  Our blood bank collects blood and other materials from paid donors and fractionates the blood into components, including human serum, human plasma, human erythrocytes, human platelets, and human leukocytes. Other materials include saliva, urine, semen and other body fluids. We are a major supplier to manufacturers and researchers worldwide. Our company is licensed by the US FDA and registered ISO9001-2008. “Our quality mission is to provide High Quality Biological Raw Materials for further manufacture of In Vitro Diagnostic Products Worldwide.”

TBS has over 40 years experience in the paid donor blood banking industry.

Let us help you obtain the specific material that you need. For instance, we can provide human plasma in various anti-coagulants (e.g. EDTA, heparin, citrate, CPD, ACD, or CPDA-1), and we can collect human serum from specific population grouped based on any number of characteristics, including age, race, sex, smoker/ non-smoker, disease, blood type, or test result (e.g., ASO titer, blood glucose, cholesterol or triglycerides and others per request).

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