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Tumor Growth Reduction Linked to Increased CD11b Activity

Recent advances in the understanding of the way that immune system cells operate and how cancer could potentially be prevented are giving doctors and patients fresh hope.
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The Connection between Sugar and Lung Cancer

Biomarker testing and targeted therapies are changing the landscape of cancer treatment. Medical research is also providing more details on cancer development and how lifestyle can affect disease progression. Experts do agree that lifestyle, specifically sugar consumption, may encourage tumor growth.
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The Role MicroRNA May Play in Ovarian Cancer TreatmentThe Role MicroRNA May Play in Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Research in ovarian cancer continues to focus as much on prevention as it does an intervention, especially around the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations. For example, studies indicate that there is a link between BRCA gene mutations and fallopian tube cancers. The current avenue of research focuses on microRNAs, though.
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Clinical Prognosis and Early Detection in Kidney DiseasesClinical Prognosis and Early Detection in Kidney Diseases

Kidney disease typically progresses silently. In many cases, renal disease destroys a substantial amount of kidney function long before causing any symptoms. Kidney disease can progress to renal failure that requires dialysis and kidney transplant. Left untreated, kidney disease and renal failure can lead to death.
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The Role Human Lung Tissue Plays in Respiratory Research

You don’t need to be a respiratory researcher to be impressed by how efficiently the human lungs work. Together, the average lungs weigh in at less than three pounds, and yet, allow a healthy person to take 17,000 breaths a day. It is only natural that researchers look to lung tissue as they attempt to find treatments and cures for respiratory diseases.
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Everything You Need to Know About the Three Isolation Techniques for PBMCs

When it comes to isolation techniques for PBMCs, there are three main options to be aware of, all of which bring with them their own advantages and disadvantages that are worth exploring.
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Human Serum and its Important Role in Research

Human serum is one of the most important tools in today’s laboratories, and for good reason – human serum allows scientists to grow human cells, test the efficacy of drugs, gain a deeper understanding of the immune system, and perform innovative research. While processing human serum for use in research is complex, it yields a product that provides reliable, repeatable results in the laboratory.
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Variations of Human Tissue Essential to Breast Cancer Research

One of the most promising areas of cancer research is finding ways to trigger the human body to recognize and fight the tumor in various systems. Scientific research using different types of human tissue can offer hope in the fight to stop breast cancer.
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Mice Used in Diabetes Research: Everything You Need to Know about this Important Research Model

Laboratory mice play an important, but often overlooked, role in diabetes research.
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